Membership Terms of Service

Brock Street Brewery Membership Program - General Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership Eligibility: The membership program is open to all individuals aged 19 years or older in compliance with the legal drinking age in Ontario, Canada. Businesses, groups, associations, or other entities are not eligible.
  2. Enrollment: To enroll in the Brock Street Brewery Membership Program, the applicant must complete the registration process and affirm that they are of legal drinking age. Brock Street Brewery reserves the right to request proof of age at any time.
  3. Membership Benefits: Members will have access to exclusive benefits as outlined in the membership description.
  4. Membership Fee: The Membership Program requires an annual fee, payable in advance. Fees are non-refundable except where required by law.
  5. Terms of Membership: Membership is valid for one year from the date of registration and must be renewed annually.
  6. Changes to Membership Program: Brock Street Brewery reserves the right to alter or amend the benefits and rules of the Membership Program at its sole discretion.
  7. Cancellation of Membership: Members may cancel their membership at any time by contacting our customer service team. No refunds will be issued for the remaining membership period.
  8. Termination of Membership: Brock Street Brewery reserves the right to terminate any membership if a member fails to comply with these terms and conditions or engages in misuse of the Membership Program.
  9. Limitation of Liability: Brock Street Brewery will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Membership Program.
  10. Governing Law: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada.
  11. Acceptance of Terms: By enrolling in the Membership Program, the member agrees to these terms and conditions.
  12. Shipping:  If you live outside our regular shipping region (Durham and GTA) you will need to make your own arrangements to ship or pickup packages.


These terms and conditions do not affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.

Brock Street Brewery Membership Program - Expectations and Code of Conduct


  1. Respectful Behavior: Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner at all times. Inappropriate or offensive behavior towards staff, other members, or the general public will not be tolerated.
  2. Responsible Drinking: Members are expected to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly. Over-consumption, intoxication, or any behavior associated with irresponsible drinking will not be tolerated.
  3. Membership Benefits: Membership benefits are for the personal use of the member only and may not be shared with or transferred to non-members without the written consent of Brock Street.
  4. Communication: Members should provide accurate and updated contact information to ensure they receive all communications regarding their membership.
  5. Privacy and Personal Information: Members are expected to respect the privacy of other members and to protect their personal information.
  6. Property Respect: Members must respect Brock Street Brewery's property, including facilities, products, and equipment. Any form of vandalism, theft, or misuse of property will lead to immediate termination of membership and potential legal action.
  1. Replacement Member card: Any lost or stolen Member Card should be reported immediately to the management of Brock Street Brewery. The cost of replacement will be $25 plus HST.


Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in the suspension or termination of your membership. Brock Street Brewery reserves the right to take any necessary action to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members and guests.  By joining the Brock Street Brewery Membership Program, you agree to abide by this code of conduct and to uphold the standards it sets.