Why Brock St?

Made By Us, For You.

Supporting Local First.

Brock Street Brewing Company was founded in 2015 by a group of local professionals dedicated to creating amazing products, revitalizing their local downtown, and giving back to numerous charitable organizations. The founders have invested over $11 million in their new downtown building which is home to a brewery, banquet hall, on-site restaurant, and member’s lounge.

Made In House.

We are more than a marketing team that sells products. We design, market, and produce all of our own beverages on site. In total we employ approximately 30 individuals from our brewery alone and our on-site restaurant employs another 40 people.

An Audience Of Millions.

Marketing companies that own brands but not production facilities rely on contract packagers to produce their beverages. They are unable to sell direct to consumers. Since we are not a contract brewery/distillery, any brands that are successfully approved for sale next year through the LCBO can be sold in advance through our online network and at our brewery to raise awareness of these products. We will aggressively market them via social media advertising and radio ads in the year prior to the listing. Furthermore, after a successful listing we could sell the product exclusively through the LCBO.

Why Brock Street for a new LCBO listing?

At Brock Street, we can only imagine how many submissions you will be receiving this year for the RTD/Craft Beer categories. Let us start by thanking you for taking the time to review our submissions. In total we have submitted 25 unique products all of which are currently in production.

Continuously Expanding.

Brock Street has recently purchased an additional 4 acres and is planning a 70,000 ft.² expansion in Cobourg Ontario, just east of Toronto. This will be home to a 40,000 ft.² production facility, an on-site restaurant, a retail shop. Included in the plan is the creation and building of 10 separate units of 3000 ft.² a piece. We are working with Durham College and the Town of Cobourg to provide local startup businesses an opportunity to create separate and independently owned artisan businesses that will become suppliers to Brock Street. Our goal is to always give back, and to help individuals and local startups succeed. This 4 acre site will be a remarkable community achievement for the local community to explore and enjoy, creating 200+ jobs in the process.