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Keg Rentals

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*Please be prepared to show valid ID if requested at the time of delivery*

Keg Rentals come In 4 different beer variants along with 3 different keg sizes. 

20L - Holds about 45 pints, perfect for the cottage or backyard party.

30L - Holds about 67 pints, great for weddings or larger events.

58L - Holds 130 pints, makes for easy pouring at large get-togethers. 

Please Note:

Each Keg and Keg Pump is subject to a refundable $50 deposit when returned with a receipt. All Keg Pumps are subject to a non-refundable $15 deposit.

Deposits will be charged at checkout totalling $65.

Keg Pumps are all standard Bronco attachments.

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